odern supplier of conventional commodities – the position of a professional, fast-growing tableware manufacturer established and operated by young generation who has evolved itself into one of the market leaders, and a name that customers in the field would never overlook when getting to work with a competent supplier of the kind.

Regent Silverware Manufacturing Ltd. is a Hong Kong based company producing articles made of metal as prime material (including silver-plated, stainless steel, chromium-plated, etc.) with the production plant situated in Guangdong Province, China. The headquarters in Hong Kong is the marketing and logistics centre of the Company, which is staffed by professionally trained and experienced personnel.

Food bakers, food warmers, trays, condiment sets, candle-holders, fruit baskets, servers, barware and wine accessories as well as various kinds of dining-experience enrichment and home improving tabletop articles are the main product lines of the Company, of which many come with high quality glassware as an integral part. The customers include famous international department stores, where the products are sold under the Company's own brand name "Regent" – REGENT SILVERWARE and REGENT INOX. In certain countries, "Regent" has established as a well-known brand name in its own right. The Company is also supplying to various brand name owners and manufacturers in Europe and USA on OEM/ODM basis, taking full care of the process from blueprint of concept, prototype preparation, tool building, to production of finished products.

The Company is highly committed to materializing concepts into marketable items. It participates regularly in local and overseas trade fairs. During such occasions, contemporary designs are displayed and in-depth discussions with customers from the four corners of the World will be conducted. First hand information on market trends, thereby, is being exchanged.

Quality of product and sales services is the core concern. Ensuring up-to-standard quality for every piece of product leaving its assembly line is a commitment. Being an active player on the market frontier for years, the Company knows very well the customer needs under the ever increasing market competition. It is the Company's goal to provide its clients with the greatest flexibility and most responsive services, giving rise to a professional, yet cost-effective, trading environment for its counterpart.

Over the years, progressive investment and tremendous effort have been put forth on advancing technology, improving production, capacity expansion and cost control. Furthermore, the Company is able to well maintain the quality of products consistently. Thus, the name "Regent" is well beyond a corporate name, but a sign of "quality at reasonable price" to customers looking for a reliable supplying partner.